Your B2B SaaS company is unlike any other, so why should your content be generic and one-size fits all??? It shouldn’t. No agency or content mill is going to be able to understand your product, your market, and your customer’s needs like I will. After in-depth customer and market research, your content strategy and marketing won’t feel like a shot in the dark guessing game. You’ll invest with confidence knowing that you are addressing your customer’s greatest pain points and solving their biggest concerns. 

If you don’t have a full-time in-house content marketer and you’re looking for the best option to grow, market, promote, and educate with your content, then look no further.

Let’s create a plan and a strategy that is customized for your company and all its unique features.

Full Stack Marketing Strategy and Creation

  • Deep Customer and Market Research
  • Social Listening and Customer Feedback Research
  • Content Audit and Refresh
  • KPI Reporting
  • Content Calendar
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Content Creation- ebooks, white papers, blogs


Content Marketing Calendar and Creation

  • Customer and Market research
  • Content Calendar
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Content Creation-ebooks, white papers, blogs

One-Campaign Strategy and Content Creation


Complete content strategy and creation focused on one campaign. Ebook or white paper with supporting promotional newsletter emails and landing page copy. Promotional and educational blog posts with social posts, all delivered in one nice and neat package for you.

 Overflow Content Creation Help

If you need a little help keeping up with demand, I offer single piece prices for high-quality, well-researched pieces that educate, engage, and sell.


500-800 words- $500

800-1,200 words- $750

1,200-3,000 words- $950

3,000-5,000 words- $1,825


Start at $3,000

White Paper

Start at $1,500

We schedule a 30 min call to see if we’re a good fit for each other. You’ll give me an overview of your needs, and I’ll share my availability.  

If we’re a good fit, I’ll send you a proposal or statement of work depending on the size of the project. You’ll know exactly how much everything will cost, the date we can start, and the final deadline of deliverables. (I’ve never missed a deadline, so this is always a guarantee). 

I’ll spend approximately two weeks doing customer and market research. Then I’ll begin creating a custom strategy to suit your customers and your products. 

I finish all the deliverables! You’ll be amazed! Your customers will love you and all the incredibly helpful content. 

Fill out the form and we can discuss your specific needs.

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