Custom Packages That Will Increase Your Companies Growth by 2-3x

Ideal Customer Profile

    The secret weapon to growth and profit

What this means for you:

You now have the cornerstone document for marketing, sales, and all content or copy. You know exactly who you are talking to, what they need, like, love, hate, and where they hang out online. You have an outline of their own words that will increase sales, reduce churn, build brand loyalty, and community. This is the document that takes you from guessing and assuming you know your customers, to actually knowing what they want and how they want it. 

The Customer-Centric Content Marketing Road Map

A measured content strategy that answers the questions of your customers.

Who needs it?

SaaS companies that are looking to grow and build on a solid foundation of customer sales and retention. You’re interested in serving customers in a way that turns them into diehard fans and community. You have the foresight to know that old-school hard sell tactics don’t work in this market, so you’re ready to think outside of the box to innovate, build, and grow something that will last.

  • Customer Interviews
  • Database of Relational Keywords (beta)
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Target Audience Profile
  • Database of noted customer annoyances, friction, and issues
  • Content Audit
  •  Editorial Calendar
  •  Month Social Media Calendar

What It Does For You:

In your possession is the cornerstone of all marketing, positioning, and sales documents. You know who your audience is, where to find them online and in person, what their interests are, and the kinds of content they consume. You have a database chock full of relational keywords, these are words your customers use to describe their pain points and feelings with your company or specific product. You have an amazingly organized and easy to use calendar that gives you content format suggestions, content topic ideas, target audience addressed, and calls to action. Your content audit tells you what content your customers are using, which web pages are helping to convert, and which ones are slowing you down and need to go.

Customer Experience and Content Strategy

The strategy that ensures everything is friction-free for the customer and content is created to meet their needs.

Who Needs It?

SaaS companies who have experienced a stall in their growth, are struggling in the mid-funnel, and have a desire to be an established company with a clear direction and path towards growth. You want to create a company that people love and use for years to come.  

  • Customer Interviews
  • Database of Relational Keywords (beta)
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Target Audience Profile
  •  Editorial Calendar
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Social Listening-weekly
  • Content Gaps Reporting based on Customer Feedback and social listening-1 a month-6x
  • Digital Mystery Shopper- monthly reports to identify annoyances and issues

What It Does For You:

You have an entire customer experience strategy and implementation that will reduce churn, increase sales, and establish brand authority. You will receive analytics, data, and information that is directly from the customers, that will help you serve them in a way that is relevant and meaningful to them. You know exactly which pieces of content lead to conversions. You have a sustainable process that ensures your customers have a wonderful experience with your company or product.  

Customer-Centric Content Creation

High-quality, well-researched pieces that educate, engage and sell.


500-800 words- $400

800-1,200 words- $650

1,200-3,000 words- $800

3,000-5,000 words- $1,400


Start at $1,500

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Start at $1,500

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