“Every great teacher is a good thief.” I was walking down the hall with a new colleague of mine, it was probably my first day of my brand new career, a high school English teacher. We were making small talk about our curriculum, and I mentioned one of the novels […]

How Being A Good Thief Will Help Your Business

hire a freelance writer
Let’s begin with the basics. What is a freelance writer? A freelance writer is a professional for hire with the skills and expertise to write for a variety of subjects, genres, and professions. In many cases, they are solopreneurs working for themselves and running all aspects of their business. In […]

You Need A Freelance Writer And Here’s Why

Determine Your target audience
 Every successful business owner understands that marketing is top on the priority list. But maybe you feel like marketing is a waste of time. Or maybe, you aren’t seeing the benefits of all of your efforts. If this how you feel, I can almost guarantee that you are not targeting […]

Ready, Aim…Target! 5 Questions to Help You Determine Your Target ...

Create Content When You Don't Want To
Ever have a few ideas in your head but nothing that is sparking a fire? I feel that way now. A few solid ideas for new content, but nothing that has me itching to reach for the laptop. Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit are sucking me into their black hole of […]

4 Tips To Help You Create Content For When You ...