Strategic Content That Converts

                                           Your software is amazing and the world needs to know it.

You require a lot of your content. It must inform, educate, entertain and most importantly-sell.

Content is the work-horse of your SaaS company.

It’s the first impression a potential customer has of you and your software. It must speak your brand voice, and be strategically written to meet the needs of your exact customer.

There is no wiggle room for error or misunderstood words. 

You need a writer with a mind for marketing. 

You need a writer that meticulously chooses the right word and phrase for your customer.

You need me. 

I am an experienced SaaS content marketer.

My specialty is taking technical and industry-specific language and making it understandable.

Customers struggle with technical terminology, and they won’t buy what they don’t understand.

I write content that makes the technical understandable.

I am a research fanatic and word-nerd from long ago. I’m giddy with delight when I receive my Grammarly report each week.

I love a blank page, a blinking cursor, and twenty tabs open, each filled with information about a topic that is new to me.

I’m not technical in the least. I have a hard time using my printer, and I struggled to create this drag and drop website.

But by combining my love of research and ability to make the technical understandable, my content educates and sells.

I put your customers at ease, giving them all the information they need, without feeling frustrated by terms they don’t understand.

And a well-informed customer will happily buy with confidence.

I create content that will inspire your customers to buy.

                            – Adrienne Barnes


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